Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totally Bummed Today....

Here's why.

OK, I get where my lack of previous publishing credits is a hindrance to sales figures, but if new authors are such a big deal to a publisher, why have a slush pile at all? Barring that, why request the full manuscript written by an unknown author if you are not publishing first time authors to begin with?

This really, really made no sense to me.

But I'm not here to judge; I'll leave that the the 500 million disappointed Dallas Cowboys fans who want Jason Garrett (their savior only a year ago) fired. Sheesh. Give the guy a break, would ya? No one is perfect on the job every day. He'll probably skip town at the first opportunity, anyway. Yeah it sucked that the Cowboys lost that last game (it sucked A LOT!), but the world, somehow, kept turning. It's totally inexplicable...even if it DOES suck. do you like that? I managed to fit TWO pitiful whines in one post!

Two for one. Y'all got your money's worth today.

See ya!


Demon Hunter said...

I think that something will come of what you're working on. You'll get some good news and be published. IMHO. :-)

Thomma Lyn said...

Oh my, they requested a full ms from you then said they don't publish mss from new authors? How annoying! It's awful to be jerked around like that.

David L. McAfee said...

Yeah, I know. I mean, why bother reading it, right? Makes no sense.