Monday, June 18, 2007

My ARC Collection Grows With Adrienne Kress's Alex and the Ironic Gentleman (Ted, for short)

Got this in the mail today. Ain't it purty? I have to say, this is an extremely nice-looking ARC. Beautifully done. I can't wait to read it (which I am going to start doing tonight). Review to follow, of course. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Great Day for my Mailbox

Yesterday I came home from picking my daughter up to find a package on the coffee table.

"That's for you, Hon." My wife said.

"Who's it from?" I wasn't expecting anything. At least, not so soon.

"I dunno. Go look at it."

Genious. My wife is known for it.

So I take a look and lo and behold it's from Pat Wood. It's my ARC of Lottery. Woohoo!

True to her word, Pat signed the book and sent it back to me. I was expecting a "Thanks, David" type of thing but she sent a nice little note. :) I won't repeat it; it's my note, but I will say that Pat seems to suffer from the same lowercase Q malady as I do. I can never write one but that I don't write a lowercase G by mistake. It's a syndrome, I think. I have a Dr. looking into it.

Here is a (bad) pic of the ARC, taken on my dying Canon. I've never tried to post pics here before so let's hope this works.

Thank you so very, very much, Pat. I will treasure this ARC always. :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Baaaaa-aaaack.

Ok, folks, I am back. Where did I go? Nowhere. If anyone is wondering about the lengthy silence from yours truly, it’s due to two reasons:

1) There hasn’t been much to say, and
2) Been kinda down lately.

Why down? I dunno. Just one of those things. Book stuff, mostly (or lack thereof). Usually, when I get in a blue funk, I keep it to myself. I know, they say you shouldn’t do that, bottling up is bad, bad, bad. Oh, well. I’m Old School. Sue me (Disclaimer: please don’t actually sue me…it’s just an expression and all you’d get would be my childhood Hot Wheels collection). Of course, when I’m feeling like that I also don’t visit many places or talk to friends, which is usually how one pulls themselves out of such a state. Not me, though. I have to be different. Suffer in silence, that’s my motto (well, one of them).

In any case, I am pleased to be feeling somewhat better, even if I still can’t think of much to talk about. So since my own ideas are presently lacking, I thought I’d send y’all over to Adrienne Kress’s blog, the Temp, the Actress, and the Writer, (see the link at the right) where she is holding a contest to give away one of her ARCS (her book, Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, comes out in September). What is the contest, you ask? Why, to come up with a good contest, of course. Go Adrienne.

I like this idea because it’s fun, and it gives the contestants an opportunity to be creative. As a writer, I like those opportunities, even if I am not always in the best state of mind to take advantage of them. I submitted my idea, it’s in there amongst the many others. Lessee if the lovely and talented Ms. Kress likes it. Personally, I’d love to get that ARC (after Lottery, I think I’m an ARC addict). I wonder if Adrienne will follow Pat Wood’s lead and sign ARCs for fans…only one way to find out.

I gotta win that ARC.

Or, barring that, get one from somewhere else. You, yeah you, reading this…you don’t have one, do ya?