Monday, March 16, 2009

Scott Sigler's INFECTED

Howdy, all. I'm back in the blogosphere after weeks? Man, time flies!

OK, if I have any readers left, I want to apologize in advance if the language in the following review upsets anyone. One thing about this book, it definitley cranked up my Swear-O-Meter. It's a guy thing...I posted pretty much the same review below on Amazon, but I toned it down because I'm not sure if they have a No Bad Word policy. But here in McAfeeville, I figured,'s my blog, and I'll say what I want, right? Right. OK, so here goes:

The first thing I have to say is Wow! Really. W - O - W. I've been a Sigler fan for a while, and this guy just keeps getting better. Having emailed him a time or two, I can also say he's a decent sort. (Even if he does *seem* to express a rather unfortunate affinity for the Detroit sad, that.)

This is one seriously bitchin' thrill-ride of a book. Very fast and furious, and some really freaky shit! I especially liked Perry Dawsey; a huge, monster of a man with some major emotional issues, I even felt sorry for him for a little while. The book starts with these microscopic little seedlings that land on him and cause a maddening itch. From there, Dawsey's whole world goes downhill so fast you wonder how the guy manages to live through it.

Then there's Dew, the government lifer. You gotta love that guy, hunting for a live victim of these seedlings and trying to reign in his own temper with his years of training and dedication to duty. I can't tell you what happens when those two meet, but it surprised me.

And that's not all; There is some really sick, twisted shit along the way that will catch your attention and keep your eyeballs glued to the page. Two Words: Chicken Scissors. 'Nuff said!

INFECTED is a fantastic, Ferarri of a novel that speeds along so fast you'll get to the end long before you're ready to stop. Read it, it's brilliant!

OK, that's all for now, folks. Next up in the TBR pile, SAINT, by Ted Dekker. :)

See Y'all!