Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Blog

Hello all,

Just wanted to point anyone who might come looking for me toward my new blog McAfee Land. I started a new blog to go along with the book deal. I will still post here, but I'll be more active over there. :)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Scott Sigler's INFECTED

Howdy, all. I'm back in the blogosphere after weeks? Man, time flies!

OK, if I have any readers left, I want to apologize in advance if the language in the following review upsets anyone. One thing about this book, it definitley cranked up my Swear-O-Meter. It's a guy thing...I posted pretty much the same review below on Amazon, but I toned it down because I'm not sure if they have a No Bad Word policy. But here in McAfeeville, I figured,'s my blog, and I'll say what I want, right? Right. OK, so here goes:

The first thing I have to say is Wow! Really. W - O - W. I've been a Sigler fan for a while, and this guy just keeps getting better. Having emailed him a time or two, I can also say he's a decent sort. (Even if he does *seem* to express a rather unfortunate affinity for the Detroit sad, that.)

This is one seriously bitchin' thrill-ride of a book. Very fast and furious, and some really freaky shit! I especially liked Perry Dawsey; a huge, monster of a man with some major emotional issues, I even felt sorry for him for a little while. The book starts with these microscopic little seedlings that land on him and cause a maddening itch. From there, Dawsey's whole world goes downhill so fast you wonder how the guy manages to live through it.

Then there's Dew, the government lifer. You gotta love that guy, hunting for a live victim of these seedlings and trying to reign in his own temper with his years of training and dedication to duty. I can't tell you what happens when those two meet, but it surprised me.

And that's not all; There is some really sick, twisted shit along the way that will catch your attention and keep your eyeballs glued to the page. Two Words: Chicken Scissors. 'Nuff said!

INFECTED is a fantastic, Ferarri of a novel that speeds along so fast you'll get to the end long before you're ready to stop. Read it, it's brilliant!

OK, that's all for now, folks. Next up in the TBR pile, SAINT, by Ted Dekker. :)

See Y'all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MySpace, Facebook, and A Couple of Other Things

Well, it finally happened. After months of cajoling by friends and family, in addition to months of procrastinating by yours truly, I have finally thrown my hat into the MySpace and Facebook rings. I’m easy to locate on Facebook as David McAfee in Knoxville, TN. There’s even a very bad picture of me there. I’m not so sure about MySpace, where my name is David L. I’m not sure how that happened, but that’s OK. I can always edit the account later on, or so I’m told.

I really haven’t done much to either account except for add a few friends. There are no pics or blog entries yet, but there will be. Probably in the coming weeks.

I have sold another short story to Necrotic Tissue magazine. This makes 4. This particular sale is especially interesting because it is slated for their July issue. Why is that interesting? Well, up until now, Necrotic Tissue has been strictly a free, downloadable e-zine. However, starting in July, they are moving to print. That’s insanely cool to me for some reason. This will be my first print publication, and I’m excited about that. Go, me! Yeah, I know…I’m a dork.

It’s also interesting because they are the only market I have sent any of my short stories to, and they have accepted 4 out of 6 of my submissions. Makes me think I should start peppering the market and expanding my short story horizons. I am going to begin work on more short stories in the near future, possibly as early as next week.

But right now my spare time (what there is of it) has been devoted to editing and formatting an existing novel that may just end up self-published (I refuse to hang this one up, even if I have to release it myself). I’m gearing up to print a few private copies just to see how they look.

Lastly, a pity moment. I’m beat! I was sick with a nasty bug for two weeks, and that was right after we got back from vacation, so I missed three weeks of the gym. I never would have guessed that those three weeks could hurt so much, but I guess once you get used to going to the gym on a regular basis any extended time away can set you back. Now I’m sore, and tired. Again. Feels like starting from scratch.

Ugh. I was just beginning to get used to it, too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totally Bummed Today....

Here's why.

OK, I get where my lack of previous publishing credits is a hindrance to sales figures, but if new authors are such a big deal to a publisher, why have a slush pile at all? Barring that, why request the full manuscript written by an unknown author if you are not publishing first time authors to begin with?

This really, really made no sense to me.

But I'm not here to judge; I'll leave that the the 500 million disappointed Dallas Cowboys fans who want Jason Garrett (their savior only a year ago) fired. Sheesh. Give the guy a break, would ya? No one is perfect on the job every day. He'll probably skip town at the first opportunity, anyway. Yeah it sucked that the Cowboys lost that last game (it sucked A LOT!), but the world, somehow, kept turning. It's totally inexplicable...even if it DOES suck. do you like that? I managed to fit TWO pitiful whines in one post!

Two for one. Y'all got your money's worth today.

See ya!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woohoo! Timothy and the Dragon's Gate is out today!

Wow. Has it really been since August of 2008? My, how time flies when you have so little to say. :)

A lot has happened in the last 4 months. A lot, and not enough. But all that is another story. This blog entry isn’t about me; it’s about the oh-so-lovely-and-talented Adrienne Kress. More specifically, it’s about her sophomore MG novel, Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate.

Having read and loved Adrienne’s debut MG novel, Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, I have been waiting patiently for Timmy and his dragon to leave the mysterious world of Coming Soon and emerge into the delightful land of Available Now.

That day has finally come!

Yes, folks, Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate is available now through all normal book-buying avenues, and I for one will waste no time acquiring my very own copy (yay!). I’m looking forward to curling up with Adrienne’s prose, should be a treat.

Anyway, I’m just passing this along to anyone who may stumble onto this blog from the Netherworld of Lost Bloggers (I’m not lost, I’m just very, very slow!). If anyone is around and reading, do stop and grab a copy of Timothy for yourself. And if you haven’t already read Adrienne’s first book, Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, you really should. It’s great.

To quote my favorite character from Alex, the book is “Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack.”

‘Nuff said.