Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MySpace, Facebook, and A Couple of Other Things

Well, it finally happened. After months of cajoling by friends and family, in addition to months of procrastinating by yours truly, I have finally thrown my hat into the MySpace and Facebook rings. I’m easy to locate on Facebook as David McAfee in Knoxville, TN. There’s even a very bad picture of me there. I’m not so sure about MySpace, where my name is David L. I’m not sure how that happened, but that’s OK. I can always edit the account later on, or so I’m told.

I really haven’t done much to either account except for add a few friends. There are no pics or blog entries yet, but there will be. Probably in the coming weeks.

I have sold another short story to Necrotic Tissue magazine. This makes 4. This particular sale is especially interesting because it is slated for their July issue. Why is that interesting? Well, up until now, Necrotic Tissue has been strictly a free, downloadable e-zine. However, starting in July, they are moving to print. That’s insanely cool to me for some reason. This will be my first print publication, and I’m excited about that. Go, me! Yeah, I know…I’m a dork.

It’s also interesting because they are the only market I have sent any of my short stories to, and they have accepted 4 out of 6 of my submissions. Makes me think I should start peppering the market and expanding my short story horizons. I am going to begin work on more short stories in the near future, possibly as early as next week.

But right now my spare time (what there is of it) has been devoted to editing and formatting an existing novel that may just end up self-published (I refuse to hang this one up, even if I have to release it myself). I’m gearing up to print a few private copies just to see how they look.

Lastly, a pity moment. I’m beat! I was sick with a nasty bug for two weeks, and that was right after we got back from vacation, so I missed three weeks of the gym. I never would have guessed that those three weeks could hurt so much, but I guess once you get used to going to the gym on a regular basis any extended time away can set you back. Now I’m sore, and tired. Again. Feels like starting from scratch.

Ugh. I was just beginning to get used to it, too.


Demon Hunter said...

Congrats on yet another sale, David. And yes, you should submit to other markets as well. :-) They'll appreciate your talent.;-) I'll post about my own good news later.

That's definitely trus about the gym thing or exercising in general.

Thomma Lyn said...

Wow, congratulations on the sale! That's so exciting! And I recently joined Facebook, too: I found you there and added you as a friend. :)

Keep on sending out those short stories! Sounds great. And way cool that Necrotic Tissue is moving to print!

I'm glad you're over your bug and back at the gym. Being sick stinks!

Good luck with your novel, whichever direction you decide to go with it.

David L. McAfee said...

I saw the request. :) Gonna go approve it now.

James said...

Hey David, you and I are probably the only two people on earth that have accumulated four Necrotic Tissue t-shirts. Just got word from Scott yesterday that he's going to publish El Dorado.

I'm just getting my feet wet in that Myspace/Facebook thing as well. I have set up a Myspace account, but haven't really done anything with it. You might want to check out the Horror Haunt over at the Horror Mall website. It's ALL horror, with a lot of writers. The set up is just like the big boys, but it's not so overwhelming.

Congrats on the pub. See you at AW...